Here are ten things about me:

1) Grendel’s Guide to Love and War is my debut novel.

2) It was released March of 2017

3) from Knopf books for Young Readers.

4) My next book, We Regret to Inform You, will be released in August of 2018. It’s not a sequel to Grendel, but if you liked Grendel, you will probably like We Regret, too.

5) I live in Virginia. I have lived in Virginia for thirty-three years (if you are reading this in 2017). Before that, I lived in California, but not for very long.

6) I studied History and Religious Studies at William & Mary (that is also in Virginia, and this is true whether you are reading this in 2017 or not).

7)I also have a MLS from Florida State, where I had a double-concentration in Youth Services and Reference Services. I have, however, (as of 2017) never worked in an actual library.

8) In between numbers 6 and 7, I worked for several years as a statistical programmer, mostly helping scientists work on a very large cancer screening trial. I’m not a hundred percent sure how I got this job, given #6, but I was actually pretty good at it.

9) I like: cats, books, coffee, tea, young people, old people, and in-between people. Also: folktales, re-imagined folktales, sci-fi tales, fantasy tales, and any other tales that know how to whistle a tune.

10) There should be a tenth thing here, but there isn’t. I’m really sorry about that.