Here are ten things about me:

1) Grendel’s Guide to Love and War was my debut novel, followed by We Regret to Inform You.

2) We Regret to Inform You isn’t a sequel to Grendel, but if you liked Grendel, you will probably like We Regret, too.

3) My third book, We are the Perfect Girl, came out in May of 2019. I have always been rather fond of May, being a warm-weather person. Like the other two books, it’s a stand-alone novel.

4) My two favorite childhood movies were The Empire Strikes Back and Harvey (the one in which Jimmy Stewart is BFFs with a six-foot-tall invisible rabbit). Probably this is all you really need to know about me.

5) I live in Virginia. I have lived in Virginia for thirty-four years (if you are reading this in 2018). Before that, I lived in California, but not for very long.

6) I studied History and Religious Studies at William & Mary.

7)I also have a MLS from Florida State, where I had a double-concentration in Youth Services and Reference Services.

8) In between numbers 6 and 7, I worked for several years as a statistical programmer, mostly helping scientists work on a very large cancer screening trial. I’m not a hundred percent sure how I got this job, given #6, but I was actually pretty good at it.

9) I like: cats, books, coffee, tea, young people, old people, and in-between people. Also: folktales, re-imagined folktales, sci-fi tales, fantasy tales, and any other tales that know how to whistle a tune.

10) There should be a tenth thing here, but there isn’t. I’m really sorry about that.